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The Arsehole Clause

How many times have you heard of clients being absolute, total arseholes? For me it’s a daily thing.  Client sending short, abrupt and accusing emails to their contractors? Calling out of regular business hours? Expecting a return call straight away forgetting that other people have LIVES, and other commitments other than THEM? Clients taking forever to pay their bills? Constantly negotiating rates and questioning every minute spent on a task. I’m sick of it.

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5 Steps to kicking ‘fear of failure’s’ butt

In business we have so many emotions and factors that drive us or slow us down from day to day or even minute to minute. Today I want to talk about a specific emotional driver – fear. Specifically, fear of failure. Some people are motivated by fear. It gets them moving, taking action, making changes. But for others, fear can stop them in their tracks.Fear of Failure is one of the most common reasons I hear from people who have hit a block in their business. Thinking about this recently inspired me to take stock on what fears I hold and how they’ve impacted my business journey.

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What is a Virtual Assistant and do you want to be one?

I participate in a lot of Facebook groups which focus on mums in business. The Virtual Assistant Industry is one that is predominantly full of women who want to work from home – a lot of those around children. So the concept of working as a VA comes up a lot in these groups. ‘Want a new work from home business? Then be a VA!’ they say.

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Australian VA Conference 2019

Every year the Australian Virtual Assistant Associate brings together a 2 day conference for Aussie VAs and this year’s conference was held in Melbourne at the One Roof Conference Rooms.Each year I do a write up of the event to share with you some of my key takeaways and to perhaps introduce you to some interesting new speakers.

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Why I became a Virtual Assistant

Why I became a Virtual Assistant I'm constantly meeting new wonderful people who want to set themselves up as Virtual Assistants. Their inspirations and stories are so varied and fascinating and I absolutely love it. And even though it's easy to work out that I've been in the industry for a while, I realise not [...]

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When service providers forget they’re providing a service.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is telling you that you shouldn’t be working? Like a little rock that starts rolling down a hill, collecting dirt until it becomes a boulder and if you don’t stop – you’re going to hit something hard!That’s me today. After getting this blog written, I’m checking out. Here’s why.

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Discover The Magic Of Outsourcing!

Let’s face it, running your own business isn’t as glamourous as you pretend. It’s hectic, it’s a lot of hard work, and it’s taken over your life…But your hard work is paying off, the money is flowing in, so you start to think of what you could achieve if you had a little more time. You know you’re being held back by tasks that other people could do – and they could probably do it faster and/or better.It’s easier to keep plodding along though isn’t it? I mean, who has the TIME to tell other people how to do their work?NO more excuses! It’s time to get a Virtual Assistant (a VA)…

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VA VA Voom is now available as an AudioBook!

VA VA Voom is now available as an AudioBook! A couple of years ago, I launched my first book, VA VA Voom: How to be an amazing Virtual Assistant and every client's most Valued Asset. It was such a great thrill and I sold out all of my copies from 2 print runs. Since [...]

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Hey virtual assistants, listen up (pretty please)

Where does your VA business stand with subcontracting? Where do you fit in with the above? Are you hiring support without considering the consequences? Or are you going to grow strong and do it right?

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