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What happens next?

  • After submitting this form, the “job” will be open to the network for 14 days unless otherwise specified. You can request for the job to be removed earlier if you receive enough responses.
  • You will be contacted by appropriately skilled and experienced Virtual Assistants who will explain to you how they can assist you with your requirements. Each VA is an independent contractor and has their own business with unique skills, qualifications, rates and agreements. Our reference checked VAs will provide you with a unique ref number to identify them as reference checked. Those without reference checks may still be establishing a client base.

Your requirements:

You are under no obligation to utilise the business support services of any of our Virtual Assistants, however our only requirement of you is that you RESPOND to each VA who contacts you, to let them know if they were successful or not. Our VAs spend their valuable time contacting you to discuss business solutions and they appreciate a response and any feedback that you are willing to provide. Thank you!

Thank you Rosie! I have been overwhelmed by the number of quality responses I have received from my VY ad. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again and recommend it to others. Never again will I bother with call outs in Facebook groups, it’s Virtually Yours all the way. You have a seriously talented community on your listings. Thank you!

Kristy Schirmer, Zockmelon Consulting

We have had a great experience using virtually yours – we received a number of high quality applications & wish to thank you in facilitating our contact with so many quality VAs.

Posting my job lead through Virtually Yours was a pain free and easy process. The responses I received were extremely high quality and I’m happy to say I’ve found my ultimate rockstar wing(wo)man thanks to Virtually Yours.

Getting a VA with Telesummit experience at least in Australia is quite a challenge. All my VA’s lived in the US. I found working with an 18 hour time difference challenging and dearly wanted to find someone in Australia. I have used previous websites that promised to get local talent only to receive applications that not in the slightest reflected the job description, mostly from people in Asia. It was a total waste of time.
Enter Virtually Yours. After posting the job I got 3 high quality applications, all from Australian residents….I have now hired one person. The process was easy, professional and I would highly recommend Virtually Yours.