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Thank you Rosie! I have been overwhelmed by the number of quality responses I have received from my VY ad. I wouldn't hesitate to use the service again and recommend it to others. Never again will I bother with call outs in Facebook groups, it’s Virtually Yours all the way. You have a seriously talented community on your listings. Thank you!

Kristy Schirmer,  Zockmelon Consulting

A Virtual Professional (sometimes called a Virtual Assistant) is not just an ‘employee’ that you hire. They are fellow business owners who offer you a specialist business service and set their own rates (a minimum of AU$30 per hour – rates can be packaged, retainer etc, not just hourly.). Don't let that scare you - these are talented, passionate, committed VAs who can become an integral part of your team if that's what you're looking for. 

The team of professionals you’ll find here at Virtually Yours are passionate business owners who offer clients various services – from general administration, through to graphic design, website design and updating, copywriting, event planning and much, much more.

And if you’ve never used a Virtual Assistant before – don’t stress! All of our members are experienced in creating virtual relationships, stepping you through the process of working with them, and making you feel at ease.

One thing we highly recommend, is that you wait to hear from a few of our members before you make your decision. It’s vital that you ‘click’ with your contractor as you’re going to reveal the icky parts of your business and you need someone you can work with and trust.

Here’s some useful tips for you about the joblead process and finding the best VA for you. Learn More

What about a Reference Checked VA?

I had such a wonderful, streamlined experience with Virtually Yours. Within just a few hours of posting a callout for a VA, I had a number of experienced, friendly professionals respond to my ad.

Within two days I had hired a complete business manager! What a welcome relief. And such a vast range of experience to choose from. Thanks so much!

Kristy Forbes, inTune Pathways

What’s a reference checked VA? 

In the corporate world, if you were looking to employee a personal assistant, you would ask for their resume and check out their references. In the virtual world, this is a bit different. 

Virtual Assistants (VAs) don’t have resumes. Why? Because they are a service provider, not an employee. Think of it this way – If you call a plumber to your house to fix your toilet, would you ask him for his resume before he does the work? I wouldn’t! However, I understand that as a fellow business owner, that you want to make sure the VA you’re going to work with, is who they say they are, and can do what they say they can do. And although all virtual relationships are built on time and trust, our team does some of the background research for you.

We’ve done the reference checking for you. When a VA in our Virtually Yours network applies to be referenced checked, they must provide us with the name of 3 fellow business owners who have used their services – not from their time in the corporate world, but from their work as a VA in their own business. We then contact the referees and ask them a set of questions about the work the VA does, the quality of the work, and if they’d recommend the VA to others. When, and only when, all 3 referees reply and we find their responses to be satisfactory, do we issue the VA with a ‘reference checked’ status. 

You can select to only hear from Reference Checked VAs when you create your job listing.