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Our members are having so much fun playing with:

  • An awesome forum where they are discussing ideas and asking each other for advice on clients, programs, training and software
  • The multitude of jobleads that are flowing through, possibly picking up new clients
  • Creating their online business listing showcasing their skills to the big wide world
  • Other VAs, creating strong bonds and firm friendships in an otherwise ‘virtual’ world

We’d love it if you’d want to join in the fun.


VYVA Member Testimonials

Virtually Yours Virtual Assistant network is a great resource for a growing business. Rosie presents the team in a professional manner using great promotional items; the postcards, folders and member webpages are great (I get a number of hits a week from my VYVA page to my business site!) Job leads are genuine leads and well educated about virtual assistants. Member forums have been really useful in sharing knowledge and technologies and when I’ve needed specific urgent or technical help Rosie offered personalised technical support in such a friendly way. The network has been a great advantage to my business.
Katie Allen

My membership with Virtually Yours has provided me and my business with opportunities and support and is expertly operated by Rosie Murphy. A membership worth having!
Debra Webb

I’m very happy to be part of the VYVA Network. Since joining, I have enjoyed the support of a fantastic group of people and picked up some excellent clients which has helped my business grow. I look forward to being a long term member of this group.
Melinda Dunlop

I have only been a member of this group for a few weeks and haven’t been participating much, but I must say that Rosie you are fabulous. You just keep giving and giving and giving, and I’m really glad I joined this group. As a few have said, VYVA Rocks and so do you. I also find everyone on this group very supportive and eager to help out where they can which is fantastic.
Maria Zito

Just wanted to say a massive Thank You for all the hard work and effort you put into the network and supporting us VAs.  You are an amazing woman, you just keep on giving and giving, and I for one know I wouldn’t be as positive about my business if it wasn’t for you and VYVA.
Paula Wynyard

I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate you and the VYVA Network. You have developed an amazing network with such an awesome group of people. I’m always overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the team when I need some assistance. VYVA is always the first place I come to when I need support – I belong to a few different networks but by far this one feels like home.
Sue Gross