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Podcast Episode 16: Leanne Woff and the mystery of the business figures

Case #16: Leanne Woff and the mystery of the business figures Business Bookkeeping - not something we all do overly well! So in this podcast multiple business award winner, Leanne Woff from Virtual Infinity gives us 5 fantastic tips to make bookkeeping easier and more effective. We explore: Software from the [...]

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New Joblead from Phoebe Jefferson (members only)

We are looking for someone to create 10 editable PDFs - using proposal forms from insurers to capture all the questions we need to gather information from clients, but personalise them for us with our logo and details. I can provide a number of insurers forms we have already so the work will be in combining the questions and detail into professional looking editable documents. These forms will be on the website, but also sent to clients when we need to gather info.

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New Joblead from stacey Hurley (members only)

We are seeking individuals to visits gyms/health clubs to play a role of a genuine prospect to gather information during the visit and rate the serviced received. You need above average report writing skills, attention to detail and a great memory. We want reliable and well presented individuals- both males and females encouraged to apply. You must have computer access and email to receive job information. You are paid $75-$85 per visit.

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New Joblead from Alex Hutton (members only)

We want VAs who can help Tradies with their admin needs. The clients were are catering towards are tradies who are busy but not large in size. The sorts of services we are looking to provide are: - Answering phones (the tradie would divert phone to the VA during arranged hours) - Organising invoices/receipts (not to the level of submitting the BAS, as this requires formal qualifications, but potentially everything up until that point). - First level debt reminder calls (eg calling a debtor one week prior to the due date to give a reminder, then one day prior, then one day hence and so on). - Assisting with managing the tradie's appointments and calendar (for example, making bookings in a specific geographic area on a particular day, to reduce transit time). - Job pricing, preparing quotes for jobs (this would require developing an understanding of the tradie's business). - Ordering of supplies. - Browsing Hipages and responding to jobs desirable to the tradie. - Miscelaneous admin activities. In all cases, the VA will discuss the tradie's needs prior to commencing work and develop and understanding of the specific services to be provided. To get an idea of how we are positioning ourselves market-wise, please take a look at our website, http://www.tradieboost.com.au .

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New Joblead from Rachelle Deem (members only)

I'm looking for someone to undertake inbox management for one of my clients. My client owns a Dance Studio and requires someone to complete 10 hours of support each week (1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the afternoon) to respond to queries in the inbox, enter the relevant data into the CRM, and forward and action other queries as required. We are looking for someone with previous experience managing a busy inbox, has great data entry skills, someone who takes initiative and is confident to make suggestions for better efficiencies with inbox management processes. There will be training provided and detailed SOPs to assist the right person with responding and actioning the various queries in the inbox. These SOPs will continue to be developed as new query types emerge, so we require someone who is detail focussed to assist us with the ongoing improvement of the studio inbox management processes.

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Podcast Episode 15: Rachel Allan and the case of the marketing mindset

Case #15: Rachel Allan and the case of the marketing mindset In today’s podcast I talk to Rachel Allan who specializes in supporting business owners with their mindset and marketing. This fun, open and frank conversations explores: * Defining your success * Creating a flexible life & freedom business * Confidence, [...]

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