About Rosie Shilo

Virtually Yours was created in 2004 and is managed by Rosie Shilo. Who is Rosie Shilo? Since creating this thriving and ever growing network for Virtual Assistants, Rosie Shilo has become one dedicated business woman. Currently Rosie owns and runs ‘Virtually Yours’, a network for over 190 Australian Virtual Assistants which she founded in 2004. Rosie has mentored many new and experienced VAs in their business, and seen them overcome many hurdles to achieve amazing goals. This inspired her to write “VA VA Voom: How to become an amazing VA and every client’s most Valued Asset” which was published in May 2014 and has sold hundreds of copies to date. Since then she has also published ‘Reaching for the Stars: a woman’s guide to becoming a Stellar Virtual Assistant‘. Most recently she has posted a business book for all business owners who want to grow their businesses called 'The Outsourcing Secret'. She has also launched her own VA podcast ‘Outsourcing Mysteries Exposed' - find it on all quality podcast apps.

How to respond to jobleads and get the clients you want

How to respond to jobleads and get the clients you want.Responding to jobleads can be a really confusing and scary prospect for many new VAs. And it doesn't have to be.The main thing to remember is that it's NOT ABOUT YOU.Seems strange I know, but it's all about the client.Recently a joblead came through the [...]

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What Aussie Virtual Assistants Pay Themselves

This is interesting but also NOT GOOD! Recently Tracy Brockhoff did a survey to look at how VAs pay themselves and whether they were happy with their figures. Tracy kindly shared her numbers with me and I've written up this post to share some stats and thoughts with you. I'd love to know what you think. Where do you stand with this? How can we improve this situation?

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Let’s talk about pricing!

Let's talk about money! When you set up your business one of the hardest aspects is working out the pricing. That whole damn money thing! I mean, how are you supposed to work this out when no-one wants to discuss money or share thoughts on how they worked out their pricing?

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