The Outsourcing Secret

You’re ready to grow your business and make more money, but you can’t work any harder.
So, how do you do it?

In her third book, The Outsourcing Secret, VA advocate and mentor Rosie Shilo, reveals the hottest tips on how you can easily start outsourcing.
Featuring insights from some of Australia’s most well-known business owners, you’ll learn:

  • how to determine what you should outsource
  • how to let go and trust your contractors, and
  • how to choose and build your virtual team.


Journey through the proven steps


Rosie Shilo is the owner of one of Australia’s most popular Virtual Assistant networks, Virtually Yours. Known as the VA advocate, Rosie has not only helped hundreds of VAs build successful businesses but works with business owners to trust the process of outsourcing.

Responsible for pairing some of Australia’s top business owners with their perfect VA, Rosie’s become the go-to for outsourcing success.

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Praise for the book

"Rosie has a knack for understanding the exact foibles of the overwhelmed entrepreneur.  Providing the service she does, in the manner she does, could not be more necessary.

She also has a way of  spelling things out clearly in a reassuring tone, which is exactly  what she's done in this book.  It's clear exactly what you have to do to move from overworked to leveraged and to bring that shine back to
your business.

Having finally bitten the bullet last year to hire a VA for my own Business (through Rosie's network of course!), I couldn't be more pleased with how things are tracking. I was that person who struggled to let go (ok, control freak!), and who found it easier to just do everything herself - because I was perfectly capable - rather than explain it someone else. But doing those tasks was not always the best use of my time.

Now that I have outsourced them, I will never look back.  Stuff get done without me even asking! It's like magic when you get a great VA on board.

The tips in this book are vital. 

Understand what and who you're after, treat them well, have fun and go make beautiful business together! A great read. Thanks Rosie."

Jo Johnson, The Content Coach