What To Expect When You Place A Joblead

A big congrats on reaching a point in your business where you need an extra set of hands.

It’s a major decision to outsource tasks to a virtual stranger, but it’s well worth it when you meet your perfect VA. And that’s where the Virtually Yours network comes into play. 

To make this process as easy as possible, here’s what to expect then you place a joblead with Virtually Yours.

The Joblead Process

Tell us about you.

When you fill out our online form, we ask you some questions. Who are you? What’s your business about? What type of help are you looking for? Are there any skills you’re looking for in a VA? And a couple more.

  • Your information is safe and ONLY shared with our network of VAs
  • You’ll get better responses if you share ample information with us (over-sharing is encouraged)
  • VAs are smart online cookies, so they’ll stalk you online to find out more about you and your business before they respond (or at least, they should)

Your joblead is emailed
to our VAs

As soon as you hit submit, your joblead will be posted to our site. It shouldn’t take too long before you start getting responses. You will receive an email notification for each application you receive.

Please don’t feel you have to work with the first VA who responds

You can wait until you’ve heard from a few VAs

If you don’t receive any or many responses, please contact the Virtually Yours team, and we’ll send out your request again

Hear from VAs 
with the skills you outline

The VAs on our network have various skills. So, although we have loads of VAs, only those who feel they can undertake your job(s) will contact you.

  • If the skillset you need is specialised (i.e. WordPress website help, copywriting, social media help etc.), please note that VAs with those skills may not have the availability you need die to high demand
  • It may be best not to set a deadline but discuss your timings directly with the VA
  • Some VAs may work in teams so being open to this will help you find VAs to cover all your needs (e.g. a graphic designer/social media VA may work with a copywriting VA for a complete social media/blogging package)

Create your list of VAs

As you hear from VAs, take note of how their email made you feel. Did you get good vibes from reading their introduction? I suggest doing the following:

  • Jot down their name, their contact details and the skillset they’ve outlined
  • As you hear from VAs highlight any differences you see
  • Feel free to stalk their online business profiles to check out who they are

Have a chat to the VAs

In an online world, I get that it’s hard to trust. I’m a big believer that the fastest way to trust is to talk face to face. I highly suggest that once you’ve shortlisted, you pick up the phone to talk to the VAs.

  • Use a program like Skype so you can see them (most VAs will be fine with this)
  • Do they present themselves well in person?
  • Do they seem nervous?
  • Do they answer your questions?
  • Did they make you feel relieved that they’ll do a great job?

Signed agreements should be put in place

As with any business venture with a ‘contractor’, you should make sure you have a signed agreement in place. This covers you, your business and the VA. It’s vital in case anything happens (i.e. discrepancy with invoices/payments) that you have it all in writing.

  • Outline what the role involves, so you’re both clear
  • Many VAs will have a confidentiality agreement that you can both sign (or you can have one) that covers the VA not disclosing any information about your business to a third party etc
  • Outline the agreed pricing, whether it’s a package or an hourly rate with set hours
  • If you need certain deliverables (i.e. due dates for a blog etc.) make sure you have this in writing too

Start outsourcing to your VA 

When everything is in order, the fun starts! You get to outsource those things you hate, and start loving your business again. To help you start, please read our complimentary eBooks about successful outsourcing which will be emailed to you if you submit a joblead.

Many VAs will have their own ‘onboarding processes’ too.

In these initial stages, you’ll need to be a little patient.

What our VAs expect from you:

  • A common courtesy email to acknowledge their application – VAs are mostly organised so if they don’t hear from you; they are likely to send you a follow-up email which will just add another to your inbox!
  • That you’ll realise they’re business owners too and treat them with business to business respect – they are not an employee 
  • To be a little flexible for the first few weeks while you adapt to outsourcing – let your VA guide you, set processes in place (if needs be) and get up to date with the programs you use
  • If you have special programs, that you help them understand how you use the software – VAs can have knowledge of software, but as we all know, the software can be adapted to suit your business, and it’s these tweaks you’ll need to show your VA

Signs you’ve found your perfect VA

  • You read their email and felt a connection as they’d made an effort to ‘research’ you and personalise their response to your joblead
  • When you spoke on the phone, they were confident, and the conversation was easy
  • They not only said they had the skills you need, but they showed you examples of work (if relevant)
  • They’re showing interest in your business, and they’re sharing with you their business experience when it relates to you (i.e. helping you with processes that you may not have, or that aren’t working well)
  • They communicate as you do – if your VA hates phone calls and you love them, they may not always answer their phone, you may think they’re ignoring you, and communication breaks down (be clear on how you’d like to talk to your VA)
  • They make you feel like you’re a VIP – VAs will have multiple clients but should be adept at juggling them, setting times for each client, and giving you 100% at agreed times
  • They’re happy to promote your business to their networks – they are fellow business owners, so it’s a great opportunity to get yourself in front of a whole new audience

Need more help?

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