Thanks for choosing the Virtually Yours network to help you find a Virtual Assistant. Our network contains approximately 200 VAs, all with varying degrees of experience and interest in specialist areas.

We encourage you to check out the online profiles of our VAs, either through the Virtually Yours website ( or by looking at their personal websites and social media profiles.

Here are a few things you should know about the joblead posting service:

  • Virtually Yours takes no responsibility for the resulting VA/Client relationship. We are not a recruitment service and simply give you access to Australian VAs, each running their own business.
  • It is your responsibility to connect with the VAs who respond to your joblead. It will take some time on your behalf. You’ll need to discuss your requirements, the VAs experience and the VAs rates (please note that each VA runs their own business and will therefore set their own rate).
  • Out of courtesy, please respond to each VA who applies for your joblead to say ‘thanks’ or ‘no thanks’, or let them know when to expect a response. VAs are not mind readers and don’t want to annoy you with further emails if you have not responded to them.
  • Please remember that a VA is a fellow business owner who is providing you with a service. Treat them like you’d treat any other service provider, not as an employee who you need to micromanage.
  • The start of all new virtual relationships can take some time to flow seamlessly. For long term success, please take time to orientate your VA to your business, your processes and your current procedures.
  • The team at Virtually Yours are here to help you if you get stuck with the process, or if you need advice regarding the resulting VA/Client relationship. Please feel free to contact us.
  • If your post seems fraudulent, it will be removed at our discretion. Please be respectful of the VAs on our network.

Thanks again for choosing the Virtually Yours network to find an Australian Virtual Assistant. Good luck!