If you feel as though you've reached as far as you can without some extra support, an Online Business Contractor or Virtual Assistant may be the solution for you. 

The Online Contractors / Virtual Assistants on this network are specialists in a huge variety of services, from bookkeeping to design, copywriting to reception, admin and social media and much more. If you need to find a Virtual Assistant to help you, you can search our directory or request support using our free form submission.

What is the VA Industry in Australia like at the moment?

One word - GROWING!

With resources, education and awareness constantly improving, the way forward is all about Outsourcing.

This is where we come in - helping you start or grow your VA business, or helping you find the right VA to help you.


If you want....

  • to learn more about running a great VA Business
  • to meet more Aussie VAs and build your community
  • to learn from Australia’s own successful Virtual Assistants
  • to feel part of a strong, vibrant and supportive community

Then make sure you book your tickets to the Virtually Yours VA Conference

FRI 18th & SAT 19TH MARCH 2022

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You can browse the directory now and search for support based on services, reference checked status or name.

Or you can submit a request for support directly to our community.

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Building an Online Service Business can sometimes be a lonely journey. Here’s an Australian Online Business community that’ll cure loneliness and help you build a profitable, long-term business that you’ll love and be proud of!

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We have courses (both live and self paced), books (hard copy, audio and eBooks), templates and mentoring available to help you grow your virtual business.

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You’re ready to grow your business and make more money, but you can’t work any harder.
So, how do you do it?

In her third book, The Outsourcing Secret, VA advocate and mentor Rosie Shilo, reveals the hottest tips on how you can easily start outsourcing.
Featuring insights from some of Australia’s most well-known business owners, you’ll learn:

  • how to determine what you should outsource
  • how to let go and trust your contractors, and
  • how to choose and build your virtual team.

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