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How to find the right VA, set the relationship up right, and make the most of what should be a mutually beneficial awesome partnership. Enjoy!

When I asked my Psychiatrist for his resume, he knew I was nuts.

ré·su·mé n. A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications, often submitted with an employment application. In business it can sometimes be hard for both the Virtual Assistant (VA) and the clients to see the relationship as something other than an employee/employer partnership. This is simply because in the past, that’s the only way it was done. No one ever hired another business owner to do their admin. You hired a secretary. I mean goodness – wouldn’t it be INSANE to let another business owner see your back end…. ;) The lines get a little blurrier

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Monika’s awesome video day!

How's this for a day at the office! A client requested a video shoot to address their contacts in preparation for an upcoming event. Client's contacts were happy to see the beautiful setting, client was very happy with the shoot and VA was having a great day at the office! Monika Newman - Absolutely Virtual

Stop stuffing up the first phase of working with a VA and get the support you actually need.

The truth of the matter is that any contractor assisting you with your unique business is going to need some orientation. Every business is unique and it would be mad to have someone just jump in and start working for you without educating them about your mission, goals, strategies, expectations and timeframes. Virtual Assistants are an amazing resource for businesses, especially sole traders and home-based businesses, but there can often be some steps missed at the start of a VA-client relationship that destines you for disaster. Some of the best VA to client relationships I have seen have started and

4 Things to Consider When Looking For Your Virtual Angel

Once you’ve realised that you need a Virtual Assistant it may feel a bit daunting to actually start working on partnering with someone. You may be a Virtual Assistant yourself, or a different type of service provider, or even someone who is part of a larger organisation – but there is generally a little fear around the unknown, and this concept still feels new to many. So to alleviate that concern, I would want you to ask yourself What is it I fear the most? Is it technology? (the VA can help you out with this) Is it not being

Life Sapping Tasks = Huge Business Expense!

If you are running your own business, chances are there are tasks that are sapping the life out of you AND your business. I’ve spoken at a few events about working with Virtual Assistants (VAs) and when I start off I always ask the participants if $50 per hour for a VA sounds like a lot of money; something that they simply cannot afford. I get big nods of the head and looks of “you know it baby!” from all sides. It sure does sound expensive! Now I want you to ask yourself, when you are working on your

How a VA can ease your pain

By: Chloe Henger, E-Assist So the question was posed, ‘how I do ease my client`s pain’?  When I started my VA business, I set out to help small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs with administration and marketing assistance. I knew where my skills lay and the services I would offer, what I didn’t know at that point was where the pain lay for my future clients. I didn’t have to contemplate for long as there came my first official client, a solo business owner running a successful business, so much so that her time was consumed onsite

This is the future!

There was a very famous movie trilogy released in the late 1980’s which featured a world 30 years in the future, where cars fly on skyways, hoverboards have replaced skateboards and jackets now come with auto-drying functionality should your hoverboard accidentally cut out in the middle of a fountain. Amazingly 30 years ago the same movie predicted some technological advances that are now an every day part of our lives, like the video telephone, which at the time was probably thought as crazy an idea as flying cars. 30 years ago, the concept of using a virtual assistant was