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Who are the people on your team?

When we grow our businesses we end up growing our team to include a number of people who become valuable resources or contributors to our business. When learning about setting up a business, some of these terms can be a little confusing so I'm here to share a list of business contributor definitions.

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The Arsehole Clause

How many times have you heard of clients being absolute, total arseholes? For me it’s a daily thing.  Client sending short, abrupt and accusing emails to their contractors? Calling out of regular business hours? Expecting a return call straight away forgetting that other people have LIVES, and other commitments other than THEM? Clients taking forever to pay their bills? Constantly negotiating rates and questioning every minute spent on a task. I’m sick of it.

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How to successfully lead your VA team.

Having one VA or a team of VAs has the amazing benefit of saving you time and allowing you to focus on what you do best. We all know this. But what we also need to realise is that when you have a team – of one, two or more, you will need to step up and lead them.

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How the Universe sabotages our New Year’s resolutions.

How the Universe sabotages our New Year’s resolutions. New Year, new goals. I think it’s so weird how we base goals and behaviour changes around a calendar date. We’d better align our goals with everyone else eh? Because… um… because. Yup. Well anyway, if a date inspires you to reassess, take stock, make changes [...]

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Discover The Magic Of Outsourcing!

Let’s face it, running your own business isn’t as glamourous as you pretend. It’s hectic, it’s a lot of hard work, and it’s taken over your life…But your hard work is paying off, the money is flowing in, so you start to think of what you could achieve if you had a little more time. You know you’re being held back by tasks that other people could do – and they could probably do it faster and/or better.It’s easier to keep plodding along though isn’t it? I mean, who has the TIME to tell other people how to do their work?NO more excuses! It’s time to get a Virtual Assistant (a VA)…

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Do you need a tidy business before you hire a Virtual Assistant?

What will a Virtual Assistant think of me and my business? Here’s why you don’t need to have your stuff sorted before outsourcing to a VA If you’re a little worried about outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, then you’re not alone. Most business owners worry that they need to have all their ducks in a row before they hire a contractor.

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What to expect when paying your Virtual Assistant

How to pay your Virtual Assistant for services Hint: it’s just like any business service you use During my presentations, I ask my audience a few questions. One of them asks them to be honest about fear around outsourcing to a VA. Quite often they respond with this: ‘With so many VAs offering services, [...]

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It’s not me, it’s you: Outsourcing mistakes businesses make.

Recently someone posted a joblead to my network seeking assistance in their business. That's not so odd. But this joblead was met by my members with a very different feeling than most leads that have come before. The person who posted the lead, (let’s call her Rita), had used quite a few VAs from [...]

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Hey virtual assistants, listen up (pretty please)

Where does your VA business stand with subcontracting? Where do you fit in with the above? Are you hiring support without considering the consequences? Or are you going to grow strong and do it right?

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