When service providers forget they’re providing a service.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is telling you that you shouldn’t be working? Like a little rock that starts rolling down a hill, collecting dirt until it becomes a boulder and if you don’t stop – you’re going to hit something hard! That’s me today. After getting this blog written, I’m checking out. Here’s why.

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How do you start on the right foot with your clients?

Meeting and chatting to a client prospect can be a pretty intimidating or scary venture, and many VAs worry a lot about this part of business. That first meeting and the steps you take before, during and after it can make or break your business relationship. It’s important to know how you want your business to run. What your goals are, how you want to work, when you want to work and for how much money you want to work. Being clear on your objectives helps you work out the smartest and easiest strategies moving forward with finding, securing and maintaining clients – the right clients. Here are my 7 tips for starting off on the right foot with your clients:

Hey virtual assistants, listen up (pretty please)

Where does your VA business stand with subcontracting? Where do you fit in with the above? Are you hiring support without considering the consequences? Or are you going to grow strong and do it right?

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Blurred Lines – VAs working with VAs

VAs are awesome. I just wanted to get that out right from the start. They are usually very giving of their time, knowledgeable and keen to keep learning. They have so many great attributes. But one area that they can lack strength in is setting boundaries. Frankly, they can be too nice.

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AVAC – What a trip!

This year was the 9th AVAC and proof that it gets better every year. We were hosted by the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane, a lovely venue with friendly staff and beautiful, modern amenities. Fifty amazing VAs, plus guest speakers flocked to the venue for the 2 day event which started on Friday morning and finished Saturday afternoon.

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Things VAs do that make them less valuable.

I see Virtual Assistants every day, both online and offline. It’s my world. And I love it. However, there are some things I see Virtual Assistants doing that makes me wonder if they are self-sabotaging their success. And sometimes, it’s only tiny things, but they scream “not professional enough” at me.   [...]

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Running Competitions on Social Media

Article supplied by Katherine Hawes   As a Virtual Assistant, you may be asked by a client to organise a competition on social media.  However, there are several legal issues that you need to be aware of.  These include the storage of the information you collect, abiding to social media competition policies and also the [...]

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Are you an ‘Opportunity Radar’ VA?

Are you an Opportunity Radar? As a speaker I have had many opportunities to talk to wonderful business owners about working with Virtual Assistants. We talk about what services VAs offer, how to plan for using a VA so you make the most of the relationship and also the difference between onshore and [...]

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How to become a Virtual Assistant from Home

I participate in a lot of Facebook groups which focus on mums in business. The Virtual Assistant Industry is one that is predominantly full of women who want to work from home – a lot of those around children. So the concept of working as a VA comes up a lot in these groups. Want a [...]

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