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Writing for Business and Not for Profits:
Writing or polishing your project and sponsorship proposals, grant applications, tenders, quotes, instructions, policies and procedures, constitutions, speeches, minutes, annual reports etc.

Writing for Accommodation Providers (AirBnB, etc.)
– Writing or polishing the text and captions for your listing on short stay accommodation sites
– Writing or polishing friendly and informative online or on-paper Guest Books.

– Checking text – spelling & punctuation errors, fixing incorrect or clunky grammar
– Checking hyphenation, treatment of key terms, formatting etc including website microcopy, weblinks and visual components.

– Reviewing outlines
– Editing text – improving structure, content, language, style and presentation
– Checking sequencing and lists
– Checking headlines
– Checking transitions.

Website checks:
– Reviewing website microcopy – the text on buttons, labels & instructions in fields/error boxes – all those little things that help users ‘do stuff’ on your website – and all of which effect your user’s experience.

Social Media Post checks:
– Reviewing your news/blog posts and social posts before publication to catch errors and give feedback.

Online Newsletters/Email Campaigns:
– Editing or proofreading of your online newsletter.

Fact Checking:
– Checking the accuracy of information presented as fact
– Checking references or quotes against original sources.