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Virtual Consulting Solutions – Helping you to grow your business

Repurpose your content and boost your traffic and leads by reaching new audiences

Grow your lists faster with professional lead magnets by converting your blog posts to eBooks

Get more downloads and traffic to your website by publishing transcripts for your audio and video

Get more channel subscribers and reach a broader audience for your channel by converting your YouTube videos into eBooks, blog posts and lead magnets

Get more sales for your webinar by transcribing your webinars and emailing them to your clients

Increase your brand awareness and repurpose your existing whitepapers, blog posts and articles into PDFs, blog posts and dynamic flipbooks

Virtual Consulting Solutions can help you:

  • Convert your Word or Google Docs content for Kindle (mobi), Apple (ePub), HTML or PDF
  • Transcribe your video, YouTube, podcast or audio and publish as an eBook, blog post or Word document
  • Create subtitles for your videos and YouTube
  • Transform your blog posts or web pages into eBooks
  • Create dynamic flipbooks from any pdf
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Virtual Consulting Solutions
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