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Specialising in content development and all-round business and administrative support, my Virtual Angel Est. objective is to help YOU achieve your business needs and goals – as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

My career background includes ten years of experience as a Communications Specialist and Media Trainer.

I have developed a broad-based skillset during my time in Communications and these skills have been successfully translated into a Virtual Admin Angel role.

I have strong written communication skills, diverse administrative, business and stakeholder liaison skills and expertise in content and strategic message development.

My career foundation includes a policy and research background in both qualitative and quantitative research.

I hold a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of New South Wales, majoring in Political Science and International Relations.

I am committed to practicing integrity, transparency and ethical responsibility, as well as upholding client confidentiality at all times.

Business Name
Your Virtual Admin Angel .Est
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I am available to help you in the capacity of the following services:
o Content development for executive profiling
o Business and product description copywriting
o General administration support
o General copy writing and editing
o Assistance with developing and refining business processes, policies and practices
o Data entry services
o Database management
o Document creation and formatting
o Spreadsheet creation and management
o Inbox and calendar management
o Dictation services
o Research
o Travel booking
o Website content support
o Newsletter copy