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Moss Administration was born through a desire to use my 20+ years of administration and quality assurance skills while working from home and being available to my six children. With a wealth of experience and qualifications in numerous areas of administration, the world of virtual assistance offered the perfect opportunity to combine these desires. I am a focused, detail oriented, results driven administrative and QA professional and my goal is to provide a high quality, tailored, reliable and cost-effective service to my clients with clear communication and consistent results.

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Moss Administraiton - Virtual Assistance
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Administration services including:
Data Entry and Database Management;
Data Collation and Presentation – written reports, data analysis and graphing;
Document creation – letters, reports, mail merges, mailouts, surveys;
Spreadsheet creation;
PowerPoint creation;
Travel and itinerary management;
Scheduling and diary management;
Human Resources Administration – Contracts of employment, vetting of potential employees, position description creation, maintenance of HR databases;
Research and reporting;
Transcription typing;
Proofreading and editing;
Meeting minutes.

Quality Assurance and Compliance services including:
Quality Management System review and/or creation;
Business and governance document creation (policies, procedures, forms, work instructions, registers);
Policy review (alignment with compliance standards and relevant industry legislation);
Employment strategies;
Organisational documentation maintenance and review;
Document control system creation;
Accreditation/Audit preparation (non-financial);
Business system self-audits.

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