Are you an Opportunity Radar?

Are you an Opportunity Radar?

As a speaker I have had many opportunities to talk to wonderful business owners about working with Virtual Assistants. We talk about what services VAs offer, how to plan for using a VA so you make the most of the relationship and also the difference between onshore and offshore VAs.

As all of the attendees of my presentations can attest, I always state that there are pros and cons for both onshore and offshore, and that when deciding which is right for them, they need to consider those pros and cons and how they impact their particular need.

Of course, people talk about the price difference between Australian VAs and Filipino VAs because it’s significant. At the end of the day, a lot of admin jobs are straightforward and someone with the right skills can do it, irrelevant of location, language or price.

But what about you? Do you consider what makes you better than the competition? Do you consider what your clients’ ROI is when they work with you?

An Australian VA is a business owner who needs to find clients. You need to network and market. And you need to find solutions to a multitude of your own business needs and the needs of your clients.

This means that on your journey you should be in touch with a large number of other business owners. And by default this means you will be in touch with a large number of opportunities – potentially for your clients.

It is paramount that you work with your clients to identify goals and objectives. When you are networking in person or online you need to keep an eye out for opportunities which will benefit your clients. When you are out partying, travelling, shopping or learning, you will be able to identify opportunities for your clients once you know what it is they seek.

A good Australian VA will know what to look for, identify opportunities and with the client and get the ball rolling. A great VA connects clients to opportunities which could really impact their business success.

Don’t forget that when you work with clients who you respect, you become an extension of their marketing team. When you have a great client/VA relationship it’s easy to refer clients or prospects to your client.

An Australian VA who understands business, has been able to run their own business successfully for some time and who strives to keep learning and growing, should always apply those same skills to their clients’ business. Always look for ways to streamline their systems, improve their reach, and bring in the ideal clients. The best VAs are not just “Online Business Managers”. The best VAs are “Opportunity Radars”.

This is why when you say “I am a VA”, I want you to ask yourself

  1. Do I simply complete tasks?
  2. Do I complete the tasks and function as an “opportunity radar”?
  3. Do I help my clients achieve more reach, more partnerships, more connections?
  4. Are there opportunities in the business community that I help my clients access?

When you function as an Opportunity Radar you can deliver more value to your ideal client. Seek clients who need what you are offering and make it easier for them to understand their ROI when they work with you.

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