Running Competitions on Social Media

Article supplied by Katherine Hawes   As a Virtual Assistant, you may be asked by a client to organise a competition on social media.  However, there are several legal issues that you need to be aware of.  These include the storage of the information you collect, abiding to social media competition policies and also the requirements of The Spam Act. Collecting information When collecting personal information about the entrants of a social media competition, it is important that you provide them with a link that clearly explains the Terms and Conditions of the competition. In addition, be clear to point

Are you an ‘Opportunity Radar’ VA?

Are you an Opportunity Radar? As a speaker I have had many opportunities to talk to wonderful business owners about working with Virtual Assistants. We talk about what services VAs offer, how to plan for using a VA so you make the most of the relationship and also the difference between onshore and offshore VAs. As all of the attendees of my presentations can attest, I always state that there are pros and cons for both onshore and offshore, and that when deciding which is right for them, they need to consider those pros and cons and how

How to become a Virtual Assistant from Home

I participate in a lot of Facebook groups which focus on mums in business. The Virtual Assistant Industry is one that is predominantly full of women who want to work from home – a lot of those around children. So the concept of working as a VA comes up a lot in these groups. Want a new work from home business? Then be a VA! But is working from home as a Virtual Assistant right for you? Providing support to business owners is serious stuff. Helping someone grow their business through administration, social media, writing, websites, reception, research, design and bookkeeping,

The Virtual Assistant Industry MUST Change to Survive.

I have some issues with the VA Industry in Australia as it currently stands and I am going to lay them on the table. VAs in Australia have a lot to contend with. For example: There are providers who offer the same or similar services who don’t identify as Virtual Assistants (e.g. Bookkeepers, Designers, Website Developers) and charge really good money. There are offshore VAs who charge $5 an hour and who are promoted by business heavyweights who seem to be keynote speakers at every second business event. And there are VAs who are not clear about what they offer,

Getting Paid – it doesn’t have to be painful!

One of the hardest things for many self employed individuals is chasing money owed. You work so hard to build a rapport with the client, nurture the relationship and then bam - awkward territory. When a client doesn't pay on time there are a few ways it can impact you: Cash flow Cost of time chasing Feeling unappreciated = a blow to the confidence Negative impact on the business:client relationship So what can you do to reduce the impact of late and non-payers? Obviously the answer is to GET PAID! Here are my top tips for getting paid by clients

Why would you get help from an Australian Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are an amazing business resource. They can really make a huge difference to your business. And one of the best things about Virtual Assistants is that they are virtual and therefore you can work with a Virtual Assistant who is located anywhere in the world, as long as they have good internet. So let’s explore some of the benefits of using Australian based Virtual Assistants. But first, let me be clear about this - there are pros and cons to using Virtual Assistants anywhere, and I’m not saying that you should only use Australian VAs for your

Why BNI should have multiple VAs

BNI is a worldwide networking organisation which includes Chapters all over the place for business owners to meet up, connect, support each other and generate leads. It's a great concept. Each Chapter has industry exclusivity, so, for example, they would have only one plumber, one web developer, one hairdresser etc. Many Virtual Assistants (VAs) could benefit from joining a BNI Chapter but are turned off (or away) if there is already a VA in the group. And I'm here to say I think this is CRAZY! 'Virtual Assistance' is an industry that is as broad as the term "Tradesman". In

Why “saving me time” is not going to cut it

Many VAs are offering prospective clients the awesome benefit of “saving time” and “giving you your time back” and personally, I don’t think that’s enough anymore. Even though we are all rushed for time these days – more than ever before – the promise of saving me time or giving it back isn’t enough to ease my particular business pains. Yes I’d like more time. But I actually would rather just swap my time from the tasks that make me groan, to the tasks that give me tingles! Not more time – just less LSTs! (Life Sapping Tasks). Picturing

Subcontracting: More than just a messenger!

I want to talk about subcontracting again. Because this seems to be a challenging area for many VAs. There are a couple of reasons why a VA may want to subcontract. Those being that they don’t have the time to do the job themselves, they don’t want to do the job themselves, or they can’t do the job themselves. When you make the decision to subcontract, you take on the role of middle-man and you are now required to manage this project or task. This means that you need to ensure that the communication between client and subcontractor is

When I asked my Psychiatrist for his resume, he knew I was nuts.

ré·su·mé n. A brief account of one's professional or work experience and qualifications, often submitted with an employment application. In business it can sometimes be hard for both the Virtual Assistant (VA) and the clients to see the relationship as something other than an employee/employer partnership. This is simply because in the past, that’s the only way it was done. No one ever hired another business owner to do their admin. You hired a secretary. I mean goodness – wouldn’t it be INSANE to let another business owner see your back end…. ;) The lines get a little blurrier

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