3 steps to being found in business

How do you want to be found? What do you want to be found for? Who do you want to be found by?

I’m a firm believer that when you know the answers to these questions – YOU WILL BE FOUND. The power of attraction is amazing. Once you know what you want – you’ll do more to achieve it and you’ll see the right opportunities when they appear. This month I want you to clarify what this all looks like for you. How do you want to be found? Continue reading

Getting Packaged – Top Tips

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I was all ready to write this great article for you but then I stumbled on a great article that says everything I'd love to say and more! So I recommend you head on over to and have a read. Some really awesome information about packaging your services. This article looks at "service based business


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Did you know that the VA Industry has existed in Australia since before we got Internet? Yes, people ran businesses before we had the world wide web that we now rely so heavily on every single day. *gasp!* They either posted or delivered work to be completed – an activity which some people still utilize

Why “saving me time” is not going to cut it

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Many VAs are offering prospective clients the awesome benefit of “saving time” and “giving you your time back” and personally, I don’t think that’s enough anymore. Even though we are all rushed for time these days – more than ever before – the promise of saving me time or giving it back isn’t enough to

Every BNI needs more than one VA. Here’s why

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BNI is the world’s largest business networking and referral organisation. It is worldwide and has chapters all over the place. Each chapter has industry exclusivity so for example, they would only have one plumber, one web developer, one hairdresser etc. These business owners meet up, connect, support each other and generate leads. In a nutshell,