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Your business is your whole world. You work hard every day to build up your business, but with growth comes new business challenges. You don’t need to hire a permanent employee when you partner with Adhoc Virtual Administration, an independent contractor who works with you on your timetable

Simplify your business practices by partnering with a consultant who will work with you to understand your business. While Adhoc Virtual Administration specialises in Human Resources and Training Administration, we can help small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and busy professionals with any of your administration needs. Planning, organising and anticipating your business needs are what make us tick, and we are only an email or a phone call away. Read the testimonials below and join the team that can help your business reach new heights.

We can assist you with all the administration services you need … in one place. We provide flexible, professional support to help you achieve your goals.

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Adhoc Virtual Administration
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HR Support, Training, Transcription, Print Management, Recruitment, Mailchimp mail outs (emailers, newsletters), Data Entry, Business template creation, Powerpoint/Keynote presentations, Typing up hand written notes

Efficient and high quality support provided by Catriona Burgess from Adhoc Virtual Administration

For all of you who have gone through the process of setting up a new small business, you would be able to relate to the level of effort and commitment required. I have been fortunate to engage the professional services of Catriona Burgess from Adhoc Virtual Administration – – who has provided me with an unprecedented level of administration support so that I can focus on marketing strategy and customer engagement.  She has compiled a comprehensive Operations Manual detailing all relevant business processes. Catriona has been instrumental in establishing my products and packaging them up in a logical format which is easy for the client to navigate. Sometimes when you are too close to the detail, it pays to get someone with a fresh set of eyes to proofread and add value to your business. In this light, I thoroughly recommend Catriona Burgess as an administration and customer service professional who will actively support you take your business to the next level!

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My lifesaver!

I have worked with Catriona Burgess for the last four months and I can’t believe the difference she has made. My daughter, Kylie, referred Catriona to me after a successful collaboration and she has worked with me to streamline my processes, update my policies and created an onboarding process for me. This lets me get back to working with jewellery, which is my love, and I can trust her to finish the work to our agreed deadline. Working virtually has been no issue for my business as we chat often and Skype  monthly.

I would highly recommend Catriona to help you with your small business administration needs.

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Wonderful Assistant

Catriona is diligent and her heart is always in the right place. She is a blessing to any team she works in. I am very grateful to have met her. Keep up the great work Catriona 🙂

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