Find your VA passion
win more clients and 
set yourself up for success! 

Have you come from a background in business administration or services that you think would work well in the Virtual Assistant Industry? 

So many VAs start their business after having worked in business services such as administration, management, bookkeeping or design (to name just a few). They realise that they can work for clients who they want to work with, on their own terms.

Does this sound like you?

Maybe you've been child-wrangling and want to get back into work without getting back into employment. 

Maybe you are stuck in the rat-race and dream about a commute that starts in the bedroom and ends in the lounge room.

If you need...

  • Proven steps to quickly and easily build your VA business
  • All the business must-do’s laid out clearly over 9 weeks
  • To learn from Australia’s most trusted VA Advocate
  • Run via Facebook Groups using Facebook Lives (NEXT LIVE DATES TBA)

Stop wasting time trying to do it yourself and getting lost in the rabbit holes of internet searching with Australia’s most up-to-date and proven VA business building course.

In this 5 module program you'll learn everything you need to know about running a Stellar VA Business.

NOTE: If you want to access all of the content immediately, you can sign up to our Instant Stellar option which allows you to join a group that has all of the sessions recorded and all downloads available to you immediately. Simply select 'Self Paced Course' below.  Note you can still access future live rounds with this purchase.

Live Rounds coming soon

Self paced and fully supported program NOW AVAILABLE.

You can take your time, start when you want and work your way through the content at the pace that best works for you!

9 Group Coaching Sessions

Sessions are recorded in a FB live format and can be viewed anytime and as many times as you need - forever!

They are plenty of fun and are packed full of content.

When we run the live rounds you'll be able to attend the FB live sessions LIVE. 

Once you have signed up you can also access ALL FUTURE rounds!

A dedicated 1:1 session with Rosie

In this half hour session you can ask the personal questions you need answered that have you stuck on your unique challenge.

The session is held in zoom or skype.

Sessions are available from half way through the course.

5 proven modules used by top VAs

(See Modules below)

Topics include:

  • What do you bring to the business?
  • Traits you need
  • Mindset and Attitude
  • Confidence 
  • How can you be unique
  • Motivation
  • Working out what you are really offering and to who - ideal client
  • Structure and software programs
  • Insurance 
  • Agreements
  • Getting paid and Pricing
  • The client journey, workflows and opt-ins
  • Networking right
  • Brand and Copyright
  • Pitching, Promotions
  • Time Management
  • Scaling 
  • What makes you a must-have for your client?

Worksheets, Templates & Downloads

Lots of support documents to help you develop your business.

(Includes 14 high value worksheets and 4 complete eBooks).

You'll have the documents you need to

  • sign up your clients
  • build your team
  • plan your opt-in
  • apply for jobleads like a pro
  • plan your services
  • determine your target market
  • work out your pricing
  • increase your pricing!

and more!

Access to a supportive peer group 24/7

Building your network is vital in business and you can get started with like-minded peers!

Our group is managed through 2 FB groups. We have the course group and we have our graduate alumni group.

You can stay in the course group for as long as you like, or if you just want to connect with the other graduates you can hang out in the alumni group.

You can ask any questions you like in these groups and wewill be there to help you!

You'll find other VAs in the same boat as you who want to create a wonderful business and support their clients with fabulous services.

Virtual Assistant and Outsourcing Expert


I’ve seen it before. People being encouraged to become a VA as it’s an ‘easy work from home option’.

But it’s far from putting up your open for business sign and having clients miraculously fall into your lap.

Sound familiar?

It takes commitment, patience and a hell of a lot of head thump moments.

But don’t worry, I know that ANYONE can build a successful VA business if you have the right mindset and follow the proven methods outlined in my Stellar VA Business course.

Over 9 weeks (which will fly by), I’ll share with you my tried and tested VA business building techniques that will help you find your passion, hone your skills and work with the clients you WANT to work with.

It’s practical, packed with all the templates you need and gives you the confidence to get out there and market yourself as a stellar VA.


You could easily pay over $2600 for this type of VA business building course with personal mentoring or you could sign up today for a low $990.

Do I need it?  Do I want it?  Will it Help?


If you are a newbie or in the VA industry already, this course is packed with information, insights and help.   All delivered to you with a laugh, a smile and warm virtual hug by Rosie, an Australian VA Advocate master! The course gave me the confidence, understanding and valuable resources needed when launching a VA business.   Invest in yourself.

Hayley Schmidt
Effective Admin - Stellar Student

The all important contents...


  • STAGE 1:
  • STAGE 2:
  • STAGE 3:
  • STAGE 4:
  • STAGE 5:
  • STAGE 6:
  • STAGE 7:
  • STAGE 8:
  • STAGE 9:

You and your biz - what does that look like?

Play to your strengths to get massive business love.

As a business owner the idea of being the one responsible for 'all the things' can be really daunting. But one of the best ways to tackle this challenge is to understand ourselves better. 

One benefit of understanding ourselves better is that we also get to understand the way other people work and this can be really valuable when it comes to building business relations.

In this module we will look at your personality, strengths and weaknesses and how to see and understand how other personality types can impact you and your business.

You need this VA business course if you’re:

  • Wanting to escape the 9-5 rat race to run your own race
  • Sick and tired of working for a crappy boss
  • Researching the VA world and want legit information
  • Looking to fast-track your VA business to start making money
  • Excited to be mentored by Australia’s VA Advocate
  • Ready to turn your idea for business into a rocking reality

Who is this course for?

And I promise you'll never be kicked out

Although you’re signing up for a 9-week course, you’ll have lifetime access to all the materials online.

You’ll be able to return at anytime to grab your resources and access the links.

If I ever update any of the materials, or add in things I think you’ll love, you’ll easily be able to log in and get your hands on the most up-to-date information.

And the best part – this comes at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

When you're starting out, sometimes you feel like you're at a crossroads or just treading water. Which way to go? So many options that everything becomes a blur.

Rosie Shilo's "Stellar VA Course" connects you with an expert on how to move your business forward and an amazingly supportive group.

The course is broken into very easily accessible units with weekly interaction, tips, laughs and tasks that help you apply your knowledge practically for your own business. It's a safe environment to test ideas, share challenges and grow in your own confidence as a business owner.

You will not be disappointed!

Catriona Burgess - Stellar Student

If you are thinking about signing up for this you really should!


It’s amazing!

You’ll get incredible insights into yourself and your business, and Rosie provides so many tools and resources you’ll have no end of things to use on your business! 

I can't recommend this highly enough!

Ailsa Veiszadeh - My Virtual Outbox - Stellar Student

Templates & Documents Included

  • Workbook to guide you through

  • eBook on how to respond to jobleads - it's a full eBook and super helpful.

  • eBook 6 steps to secure your first client

  • eBook on making the most of your to-do lists

  • VA Gems eBook - a series of article to guide you in business

  • VA startup checklist

  • Get Professional checklist - the steps to ensure you've got everything lined up

  • e-Newsletter opt-in creation guide

  • Mission: wow! checklist - client onboarding template

  • Business pricing spreadsheet to help you do the math

  • Price increase letter template

  • Client agreement example/template

  • Subcontractor agreement example/template

  • 'Reword your services' worksheet - helps you think about how to communicate what you do

  • 'Skills to services' worksheet - helps you reword skills into deliverable services

  • 'Love what you do' spreadsheet - helps you identify your ideal service offerings

  • 'How am I unique?' worksheet

  • 'You've got this!' motivational tips poster