My 2 big changes in 2 days!

How are you? Are you back at work yet? Or still on holidays? Or are you like me and somewhere in between managing the unpredictability of each school holiday-day and how you could fit in some work (if you even have the energy)!

January feels kinda like month after your baby is born and people want to see how they can fit into your day but you don’t know what that afternoon is going to look like let alone next week.

ANYWAY, I did get a couple of things done this week. One was bringing my gorgeous new logo out to play! Isn’t it lovely?! 

The new logo (and there will be some other changes implemented soon with our brand look to go with the new logo) was created because, to be honest, I’d stopped using my older logo on much of my stuff because it wasn’t as ‘freestyling’ as I’ve been feeling.

I also wanted to be able to play with more colours and embrace how VYVA is feeling so positive, fresh, playful yet professional. So I’m excited to be starting 2020 with some new vibes!

The second thing I did was say:

‘f#ck it – VYVA doors are going to ALWAYS be OPEN’. 


'f#ck it - VYVA doors are going to ALWAYS be OPEN'. Click To Tweet


As you know, I’d closed the doors to VYVA to new members over Christmas because, with all transparency, I thought it might help encourage members to sign at set times instead of sporadically. Well it turns out I hate having the doors closed. It feels yuck. I want people to be able to join when they want to, for however long they want to and to be able to come and go as it suits them.

When you’re running a membership based biz you really want to hold onto your members because obviously that pays the bills. But I know that I’ve had memberships myself to great groups but at some stages the group isn’t serving the purpose you need at that time. And you need to leave because we all have to be smart with our money, focus and energy. But you know you’ll return when it’s the right time.

I don’t want to remove that freedom from my members. I want them to grow their businesses and to do that they need to pull support from the right places at the right time.

So I’m excited about my decision to have the VYVA doors open again for good!

With less than 2 weeks left until school starts back and the Stellar VA round commences, I feel like it’s going to be a wonderful year for us all!