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Working at home, on my own, on my lonesome….

When I joined my local Rotary Club I laughed aloud when the membership officer said ‘oh yes, it’s so important for people like you to make sure you get out there and socialise’. What he meant of course, was people with home-based businesses.

At that point I had so many interactive projects on the go, that I would have thoroughly enjoyed a day or two of peace and quiet! But I knew what he meant, and at other stages of running the business, there have been times when being a member of such a sociable group has been invaluable.

One of the benefits of having your own business is that you decide what your priorities are. For me, one priority that ranks higher than all other priorities is, simply put, me and my family.

Your business will not succeed if you don’t look after you. And looking after you means taking care of some very important parts of life. And they are, in no particular order:

  • Family
  • Friends and Loved Ones.
  • Your Health

If you have these areas (these extensions of YOU) covered to a level of your own satisfaction, then you can excel at being a business owner. A business owner who is stressed, never sees their family or friends, never takes time to smell the roses, is not someone who will be able to plan into the future and work healthily. How often do answers to a dilemma fly into your head when you are taking time out for you? There are reasons for this – focusing too hard on the single objective of, in this case, running your business, doesn’t allow you to see the situation with clarity and objectivity.

Taking time out for you is extremely important and is a component of your business that is just as important as seeing to you finances or making contact with that new client.


Monitoring and Challenging your skills sets.

An interesting part of the Virtual world is that it is ever changing. Keeping up to date with what’s happening in business, in the VA industry, in the world of technology, is a job in itself. It’s very important to know what is happening around you, to grow with it, to utilise changes and in some cases to inspire change.

As a VA you can expect that your skills will also change – they will develop, expand, bend and mold themselves according to the type of work you find yourself doing. Challenging yourself and building on your skills will allow you to grow in your business, to articulate the service areas you wish to excel in, and to keep yourself interested and determined.

It is worthwhile to keep an eye out for trial computer based programs, as it is expensive keeping on top of the constantly evolving technology associated with VA service provision. Downloading trial programs allows you to explore new programs, maintain an informed status of what programs work best for you and/or could work well for your clients, and also opens your eyes to new ways to get things done – all for free!

Sometimes one-off tasks can also be completed utilising trial downloads.


To be continued…

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