To start off with, VA Networks are a great way to get your business name out there without coughing up lots of cash.

Being a Virtual service, online promotion is an excellent place to start. Business cards are another extremely useful tool. They are inexpensive and easily distributed.

Further down the track you can look at developing your own website and ensure that it is ‘Search Engine Friendly’ and helps prospective clients clarify what services you provide.

Marketing Your Business

Face-to-Face Networking

Don’t forget the value of meeting people face-to-face before signning them up as a client. Networking locally is a brilliant way to grow your business. Here are some suggestions for local networking:


This is a program I thoroughly recommend to boost awareness of your business and get those referrals coming in. Getting to know other local business owners is invaluable and having a network of different resources there at your fingertips is a bonus for your clients. Each BNI chapter allows only ONE REPRESENTATIVE from each business field, so if you find one without a VA – jump in.

Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce is an ideal group to join to meet other business owners – your potential clients and referrers. Don’t forget, these people you meet could become your champions – telling everyone about you – without necessarily becoming your client. Learn about the members and make great business connections.


Why not network AND do something for the community and world at large? Rotary Clubs are full of successful business owners who not only are great sources for referral (and they love a good VA on the team!!) but they are also a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Motivating Mum –  various locations

Bloom networking – Frankston, peninsula

Great Lakes Women in Business Network (Forster NSW) –

Start Up Mum –

Business in


You might have other networks that would benefit you in the local area such as:

  • Home Based Business Networks
  • Women in Business Networks

Jump on board, attend a meeting, get to know people!