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Hi, I’m Athena of Remote Rescue Business Solutions. I am a mum of 3 gorgeous kids (of course they are!) with a loving hubby too.

I’m a Virtual Service Provider. I work off-site, online, not at your office, work from home, you know, I’m virtually there but I’m not physically there!
I am a business owner too, so I know what it’s like running a business and I know you want to grow your business, as much as I want to grow mine, so it’s important to me that your business thrives.

I love nothing more than helping people to organise and prioritise their business stuff. By “stuff” I mean, bookkeeping or anything to do with numbers and sorting them or analysing them, business management (business planning) and human resources management (recruitment, policies, documentation), writing (because I just love creative writing, blogs, social media posts, newsletters, resumes), project management (because if everything is not in order, on time and working as it should, I might not function!). There is no such thing as too much organisation in my life! I obviously love it and I’d love to do it for you too.

I have a passion in particular to help ambitious mums with their established businesses and I also love working with dad tradies (I just love a chat with a tradie, very down to earth) or entrepreneurial dads. Basically I work with families, families who are entrepreneurial and love their own businesses, but are so successful they aren’t able to take time out with their own families. Let me take it on for you, let me rescue you!

I have many qualifications, in the Arts, Human Resources, Legal Practice, Conveyancing, Business Management, Bookkeeping and Payroll (soon) and Administration. I’m a learning junkie, seriously I have never stopped! This makes for an awesome VA because I just work stuff out by myself or if I need to, I continually develop my skills formally, so that I’m always up to date – I love it!

I have 22 years of experience in a wide range of jobs and industries, from retail, wholesale, legal, human resources, learning and development, project management, office management, State Government, Local Government, construction, engineering and infrastructure too. Having all this experience from diverse industries along with being hardworking, showing initiative, thinking outside the box, a willingness to learn or be self-taught, I knew anything was possible and here I am.

I want to help you grow your business, but help take away the tasks from you that mean you cannot spend time doing what you do best. I want you to go and get the extra jobs, clients or customers that will grow your business. I want you to love your job so that it doesn’t feel like a job. So let’s look at the bigger picture and grow, manage and organise your business together!

Cheers, Athena

Business Name
Remote Rescue Business Solutions
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– Administration. Email, Calendar, Minutes, Travel, Events, Facebook posts
– Writing and Documents. Content creation, designing documents, SOPs, Manuals, template creation, formatting, typing
– Resume Writing, Human Resources Management
– Business Planning
– Spreadsheets. Data entry, Data analysis, spreadsheet creation and management
– Research. Competitors, Surveys, Polls, Internet
– Projects. Scheduling, Administration, Reporting, Management, Software systems implementation
– Basic Bookkeeping. For non-GST registered businesses. Invoicing, paying bills, debt collection