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When you partner with Your Virtual Asset, you’ll gain a team of online assistants, specialising in course management, client care, project tracking, system setups and day to day administration, all under the guidance of your dedicated online business manager.

While you focus on building your business doing all those creative tasks you LOVE, we’ll take over the tasks dragging you down. Your OBM team will set up systems and take care of the day to day running of your business.

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Once we’ve had a chat, we’ll walk you through all the parts of your business that you can delegate to our team. Here’s a small sample.

* Nurturing your client relationships, replying promptly to emails on your behalf and keeping your clients feeling important (today’s world is switched on – you must be too – being responsive is the key)
* Monitoring your social media channels to keep your business active (ignoring online comments is a huge mistake – people will stop interacting with you and soon you’ll be just another person struggling with social media)
* Helping you manage your staff members (not only can we help you find your dream team, but we can be your right hand, making sure all tasks are delegated correctly and completed within timeframes)
* Keeping your projects or event planning on track, ticking off your to-do’s and aiming for your end goal (if you’ve ever planned an event or undertaken a major project, you’d know there’s a million things to organise – that’s our forte)
* Reviewing how your business runs and putting systems in place (we’ll streamline the day to day tasks that keep your business running, showing you a faster, more efficient way to do business)
* Being your eyes and technical support to quickly help students if they have questions about your online course (when people have paid money to take your course, you need to be available for the added support some people will need – happy students give the best reviews)
* In an online world, it pays to have a tech savvy crew who can fix all those niggly, glitchy issues that always happen at the worst time (seriously – have you ever posted a blog, promoted it on social media and then had a zillion comments because your formatting is off – or god forbid – you made a typo!)