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My name is Kylie, I am from Hobart, Tasmania and have just launched my own Virtual Assistance business, VA Essentials.

VA Essentials is here to help you and your business, by taking on what you may consider to be boring or mundane tasks, but are essential to keep in contact with customers/clients, new and existing clients, and is essentially important for the smooth running of your business. By outsourcing those tasks it can save you and your business money, efficiancy & freeing up precious time.

I have extensive experience in administration, over 13 years and along with my experience have had many various titles, like Administration Assistant, Customer Service Officer, Office Manager, Legal Secretary, Paralegal & Accounts & Conveyancing Assistant (not all in that order) For my 13 + years of administration, 6 of those have been within the legal sector and a further 6 in financial services.

I have a genuine interest in people and small businesses and a drive to help them succeed.

Although my services are mostly background administration, I take great pride in seeing your business or personal goals being achieved because you can outsource those tasks and really concentrate on what your passions are and what you do best!

I would like to work with you to achieve your goals, so you can grow your business and get back precious time to spend however you wish to!


Business Name
VA Essentials
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General Administration:
– typing & copy typing;
– transcription (digital audio);
– emailing letters from templates & document preparation;
– data entry;
– Microsoft Word & Excel;
– proof-reading & editing;
– email inbox management;
– responding to customer enquiries via email;
– social media administration (not social media marketing);
– appointment scheduling;
– other basic ad hoc general administration duties.

Legal Administration:
– preparing legal documents;
– preparing court forms;
– preparing Bills of Costs as per relevant scale;
– document transcription (digital audio);
– copy typing;
– reporting;
– general legal administration;
– experience maintaining manual trust account records;
– conveyancing administration services;
– legal aid application support.

Financial Services Administration:
– general administration;
– handling or distribution of customer and basic product enquiries;
– assisting with client superannuation forms or document preparation for withdrawals, rollovers and contributions;
– editing and proof-reading Financial Plans, SoA’s, and application forms;
– implementation, lodgement and follow-up of new business, out-standings & alterations to existing accounts;
– organising annual review mail outs and appointment setting;
– scheduling & confirmation of client appointments;
– data entry.