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Hi! My name is Kimberly Whitty and I want to help you become Virtually Clutter Free.

Marie Kondo might have the organisation of physical clutter covered, but I’m here to tidy up your virtual clutter.

Organisation has always been my thing. I never submitted an assignment late at school. I come from a family of accountants and have been a maths teacher for the past 12 years. Spreadsheets with organised data are my happy place. And all this makes me your perfect asset. I’m the person who can help put your business in order and organise all the clutter that gets in your way so that you can focus on the work that makes you happy and actually affects the bottom line.

My background as a teacher has honed my excellent communication skills and my ability to understand and anticipate what people need to help them reach their next goal. Working with people and seeing their excitement as they achieve makes me truly happy. Working with our family’s small business over the past three years has allowed me to see how my skills can be transferred across industries.

What do I do?
I can organise (short term) or manage (longer term) your information and interactions so you can focus on the parts of your organisation that need YOU.

What do I mean by “organise”?
I can organise the data you have about customers/clients/members into a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets) so that you can market your products/services more effectively and keep everyone informed about events and sales.
I can create a form to help you collect the data you want about your customers/clients/members so that you can start a list.
I can organise your figures into a simple spreadsheet so that you can easily see where you can tighten things up to improve efficiency, get a sense of how the business is performing and set new goals.
I can organise your email into categories and clear your inbox so that you can focus on the important ones.

What do I mean by “manage”?
I can manage your customer/client/member interactions on email and social media and keep you up to date with what they need.
I can manage your social media by posting your content at specific times and moderating comments on your posts.
I can manage your customer/client/member list and email the relevant groups about events and other content you want to send.

Projects can be as small as 1 hour for an organisation task (or 1 hour per week for a management task) or larger for a complete overhaul. Contact me for a free initial consultation so that we can discuss your needs and work out a package that suits you and your organisation.

Business Name
Virtually Clutter Free
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Data Entry and Organisation
Creating and Organising documents in the Microsoft Office Suite (including Excel, Word and PowerPoint) and G Suite (including Sheets, Docs, Slides and Forms)
Email Management
Social Media Management (Facebook and Instagram)
General Admin