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Working with coaches and consultants, I’m a communication designer, an online course creator and launcher, a Thinkific expert, a website designer and a content manager.

With the online side of businesses getting more and more technical by the year, it’s something you either choose to keep up with or outsource to someone who loves it.

My main techy services include:

  • Website design (using Divi themes) that is branded to match your business, is SEO enhanced, and affordable to suit most budgets. And if you need words to match your sparkling new website, I work closely with copywriters who can help.
  • Online course creation using Thinkific, a super user-friendly system. I help you gather your ideas, put them in an order that flows, create branded templates and workbooks, upload it to your website, and launch it into the online world.
  • Content management in the form of monthly blogs that you can share with your community. Making it as easy as possible for you, we’ll polish blogs (or write if you need), upload them to your website adding in SEO tags, and create shareable images. These blogs are then turned into newsletters ensuring you’re regularly staying in contact with (and growing) your email lists.

Here’s what a client (Tania) has to say about my services: ‘I’ve been using CloudXS for over 12 months, and people are always commenting how professional my documents are looking and how the style branding flows through all aspects of my business. Alethea just gets what I need. I highly recommend CloudXS, and as my business expands, I’m using more of Alethea’s services, including online course development – so exciting!’.

With a range of packages on offer, let’s have a chat about what you need help with and work out a tailored package to suit your business needs.

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Online courses, Thinkific, Website Design (Divi themes), Content Marketing