Renee Contributes to Local Awards!

Renee from The Admin Chick was asked by the East Kimberley Small Business Centre if she would be able to help the team in planning the Small Business Awards this year by doing the event materials and stationery they needed for the ceremony. Renee couldn't resist supporting her local business community and said "Not a problem". She developed all the presentations, table numbers, menu, the program flyer, certificates, etc for the East Kimberley Small Business Awards and the girls were so grateful for her help that they mentioned her fantastic efforts and a free plug for The Admin Chick in their speech

Awesome VAs hanging in Singapore!

Here's Monika and Emily at a networking event in Singapore, supporting one of Monika's clients. Awesomeness stretching across the globe!

Team Kirsty! Working together to meet their client needs!

Kirsty was asked to complete a large data entry task involving transferring financial information from five Annual Reports into Excel spreadsheets which were supplied by the client. To meet the turn-around, Kirsty had 5 team members work on each of the reports. The job totalled 68.5 hours and was completed well within the client's deadline. The client was thrilled! Kirsty Wilson - Interim Business Solutions

Monika’s awesome video day!

How's this for a day at the office! A client requested a video shoot to address their contacts in preparation for an upcoming event. Client's contacts were happy to see the beautiful setting, client was very happy with the shoot and VA was having a great day at the office! Monika Newman - Absolutely Virtual

Kristie’s Awesome Events

  This week Kristie co-ordinated the final event for the year for her client.  125 people in attendance for a 1 hour presentation followed by an hour of networking drinks & canapés. All aspects of the event are co-ordinated by Kristie including the email invitations, member registrations, venue & hospitality & the registration desk on the day. Kristie has completed a total of 25 events across 3 states this year for her client & after exceptional feedback has secured the contract for the next 12 months. Kristie Stark from JMK Business Solutions