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VA VA Voom Course

Based on the VA VA Voom book, this course expands on the book delivery and allows you to action steps along the way.
Module 1 VA VA Voom
VA VA Voom: How to be an amazing Virtual Assistant and Every Client's Most Valued Asset
Unit 1 Video 1: Introduction (8min)
Unit 2 Video 2: You are a VA! (20min)
Unit 3 Video 3: Your Services (13min)
Unit 4 Video 4: Business Systems (12min)
Unit 5 Video 5: Branding & Marketing (15min)
Unit 6 Video 6: Networking & Subcontracting (12min)
Unit 7 Video 7: Working, Wowing & Warnings (16min)
Unit 8 Video 8: What Clients want in a VA (22min)
Unit 9 Bonus! Mindset
Unit 10 Bonus! Backups
Unit 11 Bonus! Pricing
Unit 12 Bonus Templates!
Unit 13 Questions and Feedback