Virtually Yours – Where All The Awesome VAs Hang Out!

Building a virtual assistant business can sometimes be a lonely journey. Here’s an Australian VA community that’ll cure loneliness and help you build a profitable, long-term business that you’ll love and be proud of!

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been running your Virtual Assistant business for a while, you need to build a business you’re proud of.

So you’ve taken the plunge to start your own VA business and leave the comfort of the office environment.

It’s finally time to take your skills to the next level and shout to the virtual world that you’ve got the solutions to their problems.

However, the Virtual Assistant journey can be a lonely and challenging one!

The majority of VAs today are trying to build their businesses alone. They face stress, long hours and sometimes this is without seeing much return for their efforts. Many are also trying to raise young families and balance everyday chores.

And unfortunately some VA businesses fail.

It’s because they simply don’t have the support and knowledge needed to build their business right!

What if you had all the support, accountability, training and network building that makes the difference…all from one place?

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Introducing Virtually Yours…

Join VYVA and meet a lovely bunch of VAs. Lead by one of Australia’s pioneer VAs, Rosie Shilo, you’ll find this is one VA network in Australia that VAs stick with year after year.

When it comes to building your business, there’s no better mentor to guide you in the right direction than Rosie.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll get:

Access to hot leads! 

Business owners come to us to find great virtual contractors to help them with their business needs. So many of our members have significant ongoing work from these leads and credit their Virtually Yours  membership to their business success!

Training Opportunities

VYVA provides you with downloads and webinars which are relevant to you as a virtual business owner.  You can also learn from the many very talented members within the community.

Affordable and no lock-in contracts

At only $22 per month, opt out anytime, it’s a risk-free business expense. Try it out – we are sure you’ll love it! And if you don’t – just let us know and we will cancel your account immediately (or even better, we will try to fix whatever isn’t working for you!)

What our members are having fun playing with…

An awesome forum where they are discussing ideas and asking each other for advice on clients, programs, training and software.

The multitude of jobleads that are flowing through, possibly picking up new clients.

Creating their online business listing showcasing their skills to the big wide world and Other Virtual Contractors, creating strong bonds and firm friendships in an otherwise ‘virtual’ world.

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Got Questions?

Clients will submit jobleads through our online system which will be emailed to you. It is then up to you to contact the client and submit your proposal, discuss the job and discuss your rates. We ask that you only apply for jobs that you are qualified for and have time to do.

There is also no guarantee on jobleads. Although Rosie works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote VYVA and bring in the jobleads, ultimately the final decision on the VA who secures the job is up to the business owner. We have no influence in this decision making. It’s up to you to ‘wow’ them and stand out from your fellow VAs.

Private mentoring sessions are available with Rosie. Her mentoring is amazing if you need help to find your direction, find your ideal client, set up your processes and make sure you’re doing it all right from the start.

The more the merrier. This network is for ALL Australian VAs. Running a virtual business can be lonely so all VAs need support from time to time. We aim our training at all levels of experience. Besides, it’s awesome having the experienced VAs helping the newer VAs on the network.


I implemented marketing strategies with the intention of increasing my clientele after launching my VA business in July 2015. However, it wasn’t until commencing with Virtually Yours, only two months ago, that I can safely say my business profile and client-base increased considerably. Virtually Yours provides me with positive and long lasting business growth, as well as opportunities to undertake education and immediate access VA resources. I have also been able to establish relationships with other nationally-based VAs, who are incredibly supportive to one another with ideas, suggestions and opportunities to socialise with likeminded business people. Virtually Yours also offers mentoring. And, what’s better? Businesses needing one-off or ongoing support have the option of choosing highly skilled virtual assistants at a moment’s notice! There is no comparison and Virtually Yours remain unrivalled in the VA arena.
Kerry Keys, Key Strokes
As a Virtual Assistant Newbie, the Virtually Yours Membership is invaluable! Everything is at your fingertips from business advice, friendly forums, and those all important job leads. If you want to take your VA role seriously then get on board, it’s an investment in your business.
Peta Eriksson, Time Matters
Working as a VA could be very isolating without co-workers to chat with and support each other but VYVA provides that water cooler environment with training and webinars to help you grow your business and not feel alone.
I did a lot of research before starting my VA business and I could see the value in joining the VYVA network (even before I sent my first invoice!).
The wealth of knowledge and the support from Rosie and the other members goes beyond the membership fees.
I have been with VYVA pretty much since the start of my business, and have loved every minute of it. Working from home can sometimes get a bit lonely as you don’t have that same interaction with people as you normally would going to an office every day, but I like to think of the VYVA members as my co-workers. We chat, we celebrate each other’s achievements, we share our knowledge, we support each other through difficult times, and we help each other out. Aside from the caring and personal aspect of VYVA, we have training available, webinars, face-to-face catch-ups and job leads all rolled into one membership. I strongly believe my business would not be what it is today without the support of VYVA, and Rosie makes it her mission to make sure all her VYVAs are getting more than what they expect out of it. I have built long lasting friendships, and gained enormous insight into running a business. Thank you Virtually Yours for being there for me.
I have learnt so much since joining Virtually Yours. The support I receive from my fellow VAs is invaluable and I love how we can each share our triumphs, tribulations and tips in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment.